We provide a wide range of solutions for any type of event or occasion.

Keeping in mind that every video production is unique, we want to give you a glance at the way we work, in order to find the best option for you.

All of our productions are handled with utmost care, expertise and consideration of your needs, and by giving you the right guidance, we are confident to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Services


With 10 years of experience in multi-camera productions, we can deliver stunning results for any type of event. Our unique approach allows us to create high-quality custom solutions for our clients at an affordable price.

Slash9 provides the highest expertise, cutting-edge technology and skills that we’ve gained from over 2000 events in Belgium and abroad.

Whether it’s a business meeting with your partners or a sold-out arena concert, from online, to hybrid events, our promise of quality remains the same.


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Slash9 offers an incredible range of options for your video production needs. You can on count us for any type of recording such as aftermovies, promovideos, educational content and even green screen recordings in our studio.

With a team of talented and creative videographers and editors, we will guide you through every step of the process and ensure a final product that will exceed your expectations.

Using our expertise combined with continuously updated technology and material, we can bring your vision to life in an exciting way.


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With an in-house team of expert-technicians we can provide long-term and permanent system integrations ranging from building custom TV and web studios to AV installs.

Our support is guaranteed from the moment of installation, meaning that we will always be there for support, maintenance and extra consulting.

Years of experience have given us the insight to properly adjust and scale every build according to our clients’ needs, making every build unique and tailor-made.

Contact us if you are interested in custom builds or if you need more information.


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